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Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Now, why would I write about this subject? After all, we get plenty of assurances that, if you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, all you need to do is start on medication to keep your blood sugar under control. You don't even have to be all that serious about your diet.. you can even keep eating your favorite foods that created the illness as long as you take the drugs. And the TV commercials say they really work!

Meanwhile, what they AREN'T telling you is that not this drug nor any drug will actually cure type 2 diabetes. In fact, using drug therapy alone allows the diabetic condition to worsen, requiring more and stronger drugs. But the real horror is what this disease is doing inside the body. Drug companies will never tell you this or show you these pictures. The following photographs were taken with an atomic-force microscope to examine the red blood cell. Red blood cells are critical to the transport of nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the body and the removal of waste products from the body, out through the lungs via exhalation.

Here is a photograph of a healthy red blood cell.

This is a real photo of a healthy red blood cell

This is a real photo, taken with an atomic-force microscope, of a healthy red blood cell. You can see that it is very round, has a little concave space in the center, and has a wrinkly, rough-looking surface. This surface is very strong to withstand shear forces as it travels through the body. The bumpy, wrinkly surface allows it to fold up very small so that it can get into capillaries and reach tiny spaces throughout the body, supplying tissues and organs with nutrients and oxygen, and carrying away waste products.

A photo of a red blood cell in a diabetic patient

This is a photo of a red blood cell in a diabetic patient.

This red blood cell has been severely damaged by dysregulated blood sugar/type 2 diabetes. It has wrapped itself around spontaneously created fibrin cells commonly seen in diabetic patients. Note the smoother texture of the surface. This cell has lost its ability to fold up small and travel through capillaries. It has also lost its nice round shape and has become oblong.

Two more photos of damaged red blood cells

Two more photos of damaged red blood cells from diabetic patients.

In addition to their misshapen appearance, again, the normally wrinkly-textured surface seen on a healthy red blood cell is now smoother and stiffened on these sick cells. These red blood cells no longer have the ability to fold up into a tiny shape and get into capillaries to feed and oxygenate tissues and organs. This is why diabetic patients lose their eyesight, toes, feet, and sometimes legs.

Additionally, damage done to internal organs such as kidneys, hearts, livers, and the vascular system is extensive. This, my friends, is what causes systemic inflammation and cardio-vascular disease. This is what causes HEART DISEASE - Heart disease is not caused by fat and cholesterol.

And the final insult?? There is not a drug on the market that will correct the internal damage done to red blood cells and vital organs by type 2 diabetes. Simply controlling insulin and blood-sugar levels is not enough.

But, good news, there is something that will!

Type 2 diabetes is a "Lifestyle Illness". Appropriate dietary changes and exercise will actually bring blood sugar to within a normal, healthy range AND will also heal red blood cells, as the damaged ones die off, and new ones are created over a period of 6 months to a year! During that time, organs and the vascular system will not continue to suffer more damage and, with continuing proper nutrition, organs will repair as long as the patient avoids eating the foods that created this disease in the first place.

Is it an easy fix? Of course not. Nothing worthwhile is easy. But are you worth the effort it takes to change your diet and exercise daily so that you will live and not die early from heart disease, lost limbs and eyes? Yes. Without question.

If you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes, contact me: - 360-338-0481 offc or email: If we determine that you are a good nutritional therapy case, and if you are totally committed to do whatever it takes to heal your body from this insidious disease, I will come alongside you with a nutrition plan, an exercise plan, and accountability to help you make this vitally important life-change. You just need to do 2 things:

1) Follow my recommendations exactly

2) Give this about a year - you must be a patient patient!

If you can commit to doing those 2 things, you will add priceless time to your life and improve the quality of the rest of your life like nothing else will.

I guarantee it.

Blessings and Best in Health to you!

Maxine Johnson CCWFN

Clinical Nutritional Therapist 360-338-0481 office


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