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Coming Soon! January 2019

Get At The Roots Weight Loss Program

The Get At The Roots 12-Week Weight Loss Program


Are you tired of losing weight only to gain it back again? 
Do you want to “Get At The Roots” of your weight problem once and for all?

Then our 12-Week Program is for you!

Not only do you lose unwanted body-fat, you get healthier. As the body gets healthier, the weight continues to naturally come off and soon

you reach your ideal, healthy body weight.

This is not a low-calorie, low-fat diet. We do not restrict calories and nutrients. The body needs good nutrition to properly function, and when we give the body the nutrients it needs:

cravings disappear - sleep improves - digestion improves - energy levels go up - and excess pounds come off!

Get At The Roots Weight Loss gives you the tools to keep unwanted weight off for a lifetime and improve your health along the way.

No other weight loss program promises you that - guaranteed!

YES! You CAN feel (and look) THAT good again!

Click the link below and find out if Get At The Roots Weight Loss is for you!


Offering Individual One-on-One Sessions or

Group Classes

Now through February receive $50 off!

          Military personnel receive an additional 10% discount 

All GATR workshops will be at the TempleFit clinic

in uptown Olympia WA

605 11th Ave SE

Suite 202

Olympia WA 98501

360-338-0481 office

206-276-3534 cell - text/voice

*Free 2 hr street parking on 11th Ave SE (in the front)
& 12th Ave SE (in the back)



605 11th Ave SE - Suite 202

Olympia WA 98501

360-338-0481 office

206-276-3534 cell