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About Maxine


CW  Camano Island WA

"As I aged I had more and more inflammation in all the joints of my body.  I had chronic pain and developed swollen, sore joints. I was taking Aleve on a regular basis to control this. Often I woke up in the night with sweating.  I was recovering from a knee replacement.  Additionally, I had been through 3 years of extreme stress in my personal life and was not eating much and when I did, it was not very nutritional."

"So, when a friend told me about her experience of success with Maxine Johnson, I was excited to meet with her.  Many years ago I had gone through a similar program and was helped to recover from fibromyalgia.  I had high hopes for solutions for all my aches and pains and was not disappointed!"

"...Maxine is very patient and understanding and moves as slowly as I need to go. Within 3 weeks I realized the joints in my fingers were much less painful.  That's all it took for me to be "all in". "... Each week she encourages me to take another step towards clean healthy eating habits. She always has easy, clear, solutions to all my obstacles. ... I am a happy, grateful client for sure. Thank you Maxine"

EB  Redmond WA

 “Get at the Roots has put me on the path to better eating & better health. I have lost 12 lbs in 13 weeks and will continue to lose weight because it is a process and change in eating for a lifetime.

The most wonderful thing is you do not feel deprived or hungry and have lots of energy!”

JS Bellevue WA


Wanted to share some good news.... I had some pants that I was wearing before I met with you, they were not tight, just lightly loose and comfortable.  I put them on a couple of days ago and they are almost about 2 sizes too big!  I think about 5 more lbs of fat loss and they will probably be on my ankles.  So your advice is working, so HAPPY !!  Its been the most fat loss I've had in a long time, in just a 1 month. 

 Anyway just wanted to let you know..”  JS


CF Redmond WA

"Maxine, thank you so much for everything!  The nutrition advice was invaluable and the weekly butt-kicking appreciated! Even though that is what I paid for, I felt like you cared about my success and wanted me to succeed! I have! I am so much healthier and I feel fantastic. Have a great summer!

Maxine Johnson is a CCWFN certified clinical nutritional therapist utilizing Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) assessments in her office. She founded and developed TempleFit® in 2004 which now combines the best in whole food nutrition, individual health assessments, detoxification programs, weight loss and group instruction.

Maxine's education and experience as a certified clinical nutritionist and an "over 50 athlete" uniquely qualifies her in addressing weight loss and nutritional challenges facing men and women 30 years old and beyond.

TempleFit offers the following services:

  • Designed Clinical Nutrition to address chronic health issues

  • Fun and informative groups!                                

  • Get At The Roots Weight Loss Program!

  • One-on-one Nutrition Coaching

  • Detoxification

  • Far Infra-Red Sauna

Your Body is Your Temple - Keep It Fit For Life!

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