FITNESS - Do you know what it is?? Some think they are fit because they just lost 50lbs or 100lbs. And while the weight loss is certainly an improvement, does that mean they are fit? And then some think they are fit because they are working out a lot or training for competition and look beautiful. Certainly the athletic look is not the norm and does indeed look very beautiful, male and female. But does that mean they are fit?

Just what does being fit mean?

In the TempleFit world, being fit means that, in addition to being toned and strong, you are also healthy. It means that you can move through your life pain-free, agile, sleeping well, maintaining healthy bodyweight, and engaging in daily activity that makes you sweat. Dental health is good - gut health is good - moods and hormones are balanced and good, skin looks good - and muscles are toned.

If you are not experiencing this kind of fitness, then contact me: - 206-276-3534.

To help you along the way, I've included a couple of workouts and a sample menu. Enjoy!

2008 PhotoShoot


March 11, 2017

Do you want to compete or just look like you do? Let me show you how!

I discovered female bodybuilding in 1986 and started competing in

2004 at age 53.

I competed in 9 shows from September 2004 to July 2007 and made it

to the national level winning my classes, including the Emerald Cup 2006,
or placing Top 3.

Check out the Keto mealplan and 4-Day Upper-Lower split workout!

Try it! In the meantime, look at your calendar and schedule your workouts.

Get your head in the game and the physical results will follow.

Happy lifting!

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