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Come and experience the comfort and healing benefits of TheraSauna at TempleFit
near the historical capitol grounds of Olympia WA.

TheraSauna is the ultimate health and relaxation solution for life

TheraSauna is the only Aspen wood, medical-grade, infrared sauna made in the USA. 

This sauna is low-EMF and is made with Ceramic Theramitters

Benefits of Infrared Energy

  • Dilates blood vessels and capillaries resulting in increased flow of
    rich oxygenated blood to muscles and joints

  • Improves function of the lymphatic system, reducing inflammation,
    swelling, and toxic load

  • Increases calorie burning resulting in weight loss and regulation

  • Improves skin tone and the reduction in the appearance of cellulite

  • Stimulates enzyme and cellular activity

  • Relieves rheumatism, arthritis, and bursitis

  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system

  • Improves immune system function

  • Relieves pain of sore and injured muscles and reduces muscle spasms

  • Improves adhesion and osmosis of water molecules across the cellular membrane

Healing Power of Infrared Energy

  • Extensive research on the therapeutic uses of infrared show medical benefits in a variety of illnesses.

  • Numerous toxins are absorbed and stored in our bodies. Toxic gases like sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and substances like lead, mercury, and chlorine are encapsulated by large water molecules. When toxins are present in the body, blood circulation can become blocked and cellular energy is impaired. The body's immune system is suppressed and the body has difficulty fighting disease.

  • Far infrared waves speed removal of toxins from the body, which are often a major contributor to various health problems.  

  • Far infrared energy is part of the sun's invisible light spectrum that is essential to plants, animals, and humans. Here in the Northwest, we often do not get enough of the healing energy of the sun's light. Note: Infrared energy is NOT UV light.

  • Infrared heat is a form of energy that penetrates the body by warming muscles and tissue directly without heating the intervening air.

  •  The body produces infrared energy to keep us warm and repair body tissue. Our infrared energy produced by our body sometimes needs a boost to insure healing and tissue repair. The body will selectively absorb infrared to boost the infrared energy in our bodies. This process is called resonant absorption.

  • Far infrared energy is radiated through the skin, not on the skin like thermal energy

  • Far infrared rays are completely safe and are even used in hospitals to warm newborn babies. 


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