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  • Maxine Johnson CCWFN, Fitness Coach

You're Putting What In My Backyard??

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

I just moved to a new area last spring and started rebuilding my nutritional therapy practice full-time. I had a lot on my schedule including taking more courses in my field of nutritional therapy, on top of everything else. Then, a couple months later, I came to a screeching halt.

I discovered a notice attached to a neighboring cyclone fence. It was a "Public Notice" stating that the city was planning on erecting a 120' cell tower in the empty lot a few hundred feet away from my apartment. I panicked. I've known for several years that cell towers, cell phones, microwaves, and other electronic devices were creating what is now termed as "electrosmog", and that people were starting to get sick. But, I didn't have a grasp on how or why it caused illness so I went on a research binge that lasted a few days. What I found ended up helping my health and hopefully the health of all my neighbors including everyone who works around the Capitol grounds. A cell tower that tall - 120' - has about a 3 to 5-mile reach. The Capitol grounds, including the Governor's Mansion, lies right in the middle of that reach.

In my research, I came across lists of symptoms that a person might experience if they have accumulated too much EMF radiation. The list consisted of:

Dizziness - Headaches - Heart Palpitations - Inability to Concentrate - Sleep Disturbances - Anxiety, and a few more. I looked around my new office and my new apartment and realized that I had some pretty powerful devices in close-quarters emitting EMF radiation. Then I started paying attention to how I was feeling physically. I realized that I had these symptoms. I even had an episode where I felt little stinging sensations all around my head. So I did more research and remembered what I had just been through the previous year.

It just so happens that for the previous 18 months, I have had extensive dental work done that included removing and replacing metal devices - porcelain-to-metal crowns, a partial bridge, and implants that contained titanium. The dental work, with corresponding metal placed in my mouth/head, coupled with wifi routers sitting on the floor at my feet, wifi radiation coming through my walls and ceiling of the apartments around me, my cell phone in my hand a good part of the day, smart-meter radiation from the electrical meter coming into my living space 24/7, and sitting in front of my laptop every day all added up to an overdose of radiation for me. And, according to the research I read, EMF radiation is attracted to metal. Hmmmm...

I was waking up dizzy. I had moments throughout the day of feeling "woowy" in my head. My heart felt like it fluttered sometimes, and I couldn't concentrate very well.. my head felt spacey and my thoughts drifted. I immediately started unplugging wifi in my living space and work space. And boy was that an issue! Try telling the cable company you want to go back to wired Ethernet connections and they get confused!

I remember the days before Internet when our computers were wired to the phone jack with an Ethernet cable and subsequently to the cable outlet with coaxial cable that we have now. So it was a no-brainer for me to go back to Ethernet hookups and shut off my wifi. The problem was, that I had to explain this to tech support people much younger than me, and who probably had never seen an Ethernet connection. They had difficulty thinking "wired connection".

Theoretically, it should have been a simple thing to "turn off" the wifi at the cable company's end and just let me be wired. But every time they turned it off and restarted my router, the wifi option flipped back on. The technology just wasn't there. I had to get rid of the whole gateway-router. I returned it to the cable company and they tried to find an Ethernet router for me, but there was only one left, way in the back of some back room. It was old and didn't work well.

So, I ended up purchasing my own modem and router for my home living space, and the business cable guy came and completely turned off wifi at my office. I feel so much better! No more woowy feeling in my head, no more heart palpitations, I can concentrate just fine, and I sleep great.

Through all of this I found out that we have a pretty simple way of "discharging" EMF radiation from our bodies:

1) Grounding To The Earth - go walk in the grass, sand, or dirt in bare feet! Oh my goodness what a relief it was when I did that the first time. It was a sunny summer day and I just lay in the grass for about 30 minutes. Then I walked around and I could feel my body really relax.

2) Exercise - I noticed that I felt better after a good power-walk on the treadmill. HIIT training is excellent because it causes chemical changes at the cellular level that help neutralize the toxic effects of EMFs & electrosmog.

3) Sweat - In my research, I read where Infrared Sauna Therapy is great for detoxing and clearing EMF toxicity. So I bought one and it is in my nutrition studio for me and my clients to use! It feels amazing!

4) Nutrition - Eat lots of cilantro and spicy greens to help chelate metals from your body. Where metals are, you will be more likely to attract EMF radiation. I add cilantro to salads now along with arugula and radish sprouts. I love that little bite of hotness!

So I hope my story helps someone who may be experiencing some of the symptoms I described. If you recognize that you are, start eliminating the obvious sources of radiation in your personal space. Wifi and cell phones are here to stay but we don't have to let them make us sick. Do the simple things I described above and you will feel better. Additionally, there are "grounding" devices we can use in our homes, now, for just this purpose. Be smart and healthy.

Best in health!

Maxine Johnson


360-338-0481 office

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