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Now, why would I write about this subject? After all, we get plenty of assurances that, if you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, all you need to do is start on medication to keep your blood sugar under control. You don't even have to be all that serious about your diet.. you can even keep eating your favorite foods as long as you take the drugs. And the TV commercials say they really work!

My favorite is the one where the guy is trying to cook healthier but he ends up pouring oil on the floor instead of the frying pan. And then he gets into the gym to exercise but almost falls off the elliptical trainer. Remember that one? Here's a little refresher for ya..

But, no worries! The commercial implies that it's ok to be a dufus in the kitchen and not know what the heck you're doing in the gym! Because no matter how you foul-up on the food and exercise, you will still be able to go through life with a little spring in your step, eating your favorite foods, dancing through the kitchen,...

A healthy gut means a healthy body and even a healthy brain. Check out the foods that promote a healthy you!

Enough change has happened in the world of pasteurization that I just had to write about it. It's weird actually. Whoever thought that pasteurization would be a topic of concern but that is exactly what it has become because no one has recognized what the dairy (cattle) industry has done that has a direct link to the massive numbers of people who have been diagnosed with "lactose intolerance".

Because of the change in farming methods in the late 1980's-early 90's, it has been necessary to administer antibiotics to cattle and dairy cows so that we consumers don't get sick. It has also become standard practice to "ultra-pasteurize" all milk to ensure the killing off of all bacteria - even the good ones. This method also kills off necessary enzymes. We need enzymes to help us digest the food we're eating. So the plastic jugs of ultra-pasteurized milk on all the grocery store shelves are virtually jugs of dead, white liquid that used to be milk but no longer has any life-giving nutrients in...

I just moved to a new area last spring and started rebuilding my nutritional therapy practice full-time. I had a lot on my schedule including taking more courses in my field of nutritional therapy, on top of everything else. Then, a couple months later, I came to a screeching halt.

I discovered a notice attached to a neighboring cyclone fence. It was a "Public Notice" stating that the city was planning on erecting a 120' cell tower in the empty lot a few hundred feet away from my apartment. I panicked. I've known for several years that cell towers, cell phones, microwaves, and other electronic devices were creating what is now termed as "electrosmog", and that people were starting to get sick. But, I didn't have a grasp on how or why it caused illness so I went on a research binge that lasted a few days. What I found ended up helping my health and hopefully the health of all my neighbors including everyone who works around the Capitol grounds. A cell tower that tall - 120' - has about a...

MMM - This recipe is not only comfort food, it is a recipe with the power to heal. As cooler weather settles in the northwest, the warmth and flavors of local root vegetables, warm spices and herbs is a welcome treat.

TempleFit Lentil Stew - This is a healing, anti-inflammatory, therapeutic dish. If you are suffering from joint pain, if you have a difficult time digesting proteins or getting enough in your diet, this dish is for you. For cleansing/detoxing purposes, eliminate the beef.  ENJOY! 
Click here for the recipe

Real Raw Yogurt, and in this case a Raw Yogurt Parfait, is one of the easiest cultured foods to make. Seriously, people... Mother Nature does all the work. So here's the recipe and please click here to learn about what pasteurization - especially modern-day pasteurization really is.

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